Better performance through diversity

We help companies maximise diversity and inclusion, to drive superior business results and sustainable competitive advantage

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We are change-makers

There are no quick fixes when it comes to diversity. The problems are systemic and embedded within the culture of organisations at every level

To realise genuine change, leaders need to be open to investing in learning and understanding how to think differently to shift the underlying culture

Top Down Strategy

Ultimate responsibility for change lies with the leadership to create strategic focus and sponsorship of Inclusion and Diversity programs


Creating Behavioural standards and tracking diversity metrics with honest assessment to hold businesses to account


Training people at all levels on diverse biases and integrating strategies through business processes including hiring and performance management


There's no quick fixes. There may be short-term trade offs but internal and external visibility of actions will bring about real change and greater success
The most Creative businesses don’t compromise on DE&I:

Our results speak for themselves:

Sarah Baumann
Hidden have been an instrumental growth partner for VaynerMedia. Hiring a diverse group of over 100 people with substantial economic upside Vs other solutions. 3.5yrs together, they are truly part of our agency.
Ellie Thompson
Partnering with Hidden, we have made huge progress. We are more diverse – in 8 months our non-white representation increased from 12% to 25%. We have a more inclusive culture, more creative culture and the kind of workplace our people are proud of! It isn’t just about access to talent, it’s also the consultancy and best practice Hidden drive across
Sara Miller
Operations Lead
Hidden has been instrumental in transforming our hiring process. They’ve not only helped us source amazing talent that we haven’t been able to find with recruitment agencies, but they’ve also helped us redefine our processes to be equitable and inclusive
Will Lion
Chief Strategy Officer
Partnering with Hidden has injected huge amounts of new energy and difference. Because of our relationship with them, and their specific frameworks, we now run a fairer, higher quality interviewing and hiring process. It’s a delight to change BBH together.

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