Hidden moves into Web3 with NFT project to support emerging creators.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with a number of leading NFT communities, in our first project to bring diverse talent and inclusive culture strategies to Web3. 

Hidden, along with NFT Culture, ImnotArt, Sunrise Art Club and platform Nifty Gateway will be supporting Fan3 with an 8-artist NFT drop, appropriately entitled INCLUSION, this February 1st. 

INCLUSION is a coming together of 8 unique artists and styles, united to build a better Web3. Each piece explores inclusion and belonging, and what it means to each artist through their own lived experience. There is a commitment from all involved to reinvest funds to build a more equitable NFT creator community for the future. The diverse lineup represents the rich tapestry of leading creators shaping NFT art and inspiring underrepresented communities. Hidden couldn’t be more proud to be alongside such talented creators to send an important message in this hyper-growth sector. 

Why Web3 and what are NFTs?

We believe diversity feeds greater innovation and nothing has ever been a more significant new frontier for creativity and emerging technologies than Web3. The third iteration of the internet is going to fundamentally change the creative economy. The relationship between brand and consumers. And most importantly the underlying technology is democratising access to creative prosperity. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) allow a new type of digital ownership and present a unique opportunity to build communities in Web3. This unique digital asset ownership, supported and protected by an underlying blockchain is empowering creators in new and exciting ways and we are excited to be stepping into this emerging space. 

We believe NFTs are for everyone. Putting the power back in the hands of the artists. Creating a Web3 world where there is equity in opportunity. A united NFT community can create change for good. As with all Hiddens work across the creative industries, we must strive to ensure NFT culture represents all of society and provides a welcoming, safe and inclusive space. We are on a mission with these amazing partner organisations to support and uplift the talent of tomorrow. 

It’s All About Communi3

Hidden are partnering on the Communi3 Membership pass which will be sold as a 24hr Open Edition on the Nifty Gateway platform from 6:30 pm EST on 1st February 2022. Fan3 and their partners are hoping to create an NFT membership community of diverse individuals with shared values. United in a commitment to create a better future together, and find connection in building a more inclusive Web3. 

Communi3 members will enjoy IRL events, have exclusive access to Art and most importantly play a part in the future of the space through the Gen3 project. Gen3 has been created in partnership with Hidden to support emerging artists and celebrate diversity in lived experience and creative form. Finding the stars of tomorrow, whatever their background. The Gen3 journey for creators will be a complete pathway; from the Emerging Artist Grant, a 6 module metaverse education programme, mentorship from leading creators, to finally a genesis drop. The IRL events will be memorable, the Communi3 impact will be a legacy. 

Emerging Artist Grant

Breaking down the economic barriers to creativity and democratising access. 10% of the total drop revenue will be put aside as a grant fund for emerging creators. The grant will be application based and judged by the artists, Hidden and Fan3. 

NFT Education

Education is an emerging creator’s passport to the future. Leading artists and organisations will be supporting us to deliver a 6 module artist education programme. Sessions will be supported by Hidden and cover all aspects of a creator’s journey including technical advice, building a personal brand, connecting with collectors and looking after your mental health. Metaverse hosted workshops in Cryptovoxels thanks to our partners ImnotArt. 


Knowledge and experience are gifts worth sharing. An amazing lineup of leading creators will be providing guidance, advice, encouragement and support for the next generation of NFT stars. A huge thank you to all our mentors Billelis, Bake Kathryn, Jason Ebeyer, Justin Maller, Swopes, Liam Payne, Latashá, Maalavidaa, SillyGabe, Swolfchan, Young & Sick, Vector Meldrew, Amber Guzman, Andre O’Shea, Stephy Fung, Pixel Lion, Archan Nair, David Bianchi, Tina Eisen and Tom Yoo. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultancy

Hidden are working with Communi3 members to deliver a one hour discovery session for their business free of charge. Hidden will support these organisations with strategies to create diverse talent and inclusive culture strategies for a better Web3 world. You must be a trading company working in the Web3 space. The consultancy session from Hidden is limited to one per company. 

A Better Web3 Future

At Hidden we are passionate about creating equity in opportunity across the creative industries. As we enter a new and exciting frontier of our digital existence and what it means to connect with others, we believe that if we act now we can create a web3 world free of the bias and systemic prejudices many currently face. The NFT community is made up of some of the most brilliant minds in technology, art and innovation. It’s amazing to watch this creative culture grow and play our part in creating a pathway for the next generation of creator. I expect 2022 to be the biggest year yet for NFTs and we are proud to be pushing INCLUSION to the fore.

Emerging Web3 creators from minority communities who would like to benefit from Gen3, and the emerging artist grant and mentor programme. You can fill out this form https://www.nftculture.com/fan3-mentorship-program/