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Why we exist

Talent is a thunderous force for your business’s success. 

But the workplace has changed, and so have the expectations of the people in it. People want more: more fulfilment, more community, more balance.  The list of ‘interesting places to work’ is growing by the day. If diversity isn’t baked into your hiring process, you won’t survive, let alone thrive. 

Hidden helps you create modern, inclusive and open hiring systems made for today's job-seeker. And if it works for them, it’ll work for you.

Faster, fairer hiring, cheaper. Say hello to Hidden.

Winner of the 2019 BIMA Talent/Diversity Initiative of the Year.

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Talent is oxygen in the Creative industry, and the most powerful skill in a business.

We’ve re-wired the hiring process of some of the industry’s leading organizations, removing bias, increasing speed and spotting amazing talent, regardless of their background or identity. 

Embedded in your business, our Talent Partners live and breathe your culture and brand. We help you build a better, more diverse business, and save you money along the way. 

Unlimited hiring for a quarterly subscription fee: a unique talent solution.

Talent in tech – the demand continues to rise.

In startup world, culture is everything. Our Talent Partners live and breathe your brand, because we embed them in your business. 

From start ups to scale ups to enterprises, we rewire hiring processes to remove bias and increase agility when scaling. We embed an internal talent team working at pace and centred around skills and diversity, helping you build a robust business filled with unique minds. 

A fast, fresh and cost effective strategy for talent acquisition and succession planning.

Interview process audit, EVP through app
Strategic projects
Cost Saving
Interview process audit, EVP through app
Strategic projects
Cost Saving
Full TA process audit, interview process,
Unconscious-Bias training, EVP through app
Strategic projects
Cost Saving
“MullenLowe Group engaged Hidden at the beginning of 2019 to drive our recruitment requirements.  They are professional, proactive and have immersed themselves in getting to know our business and understand our culture. This has ensured they have found strong and relevant candidates for our open positions.  Finally the commercial construct of the deal, being retainer and not commission based, has given us better budgeting abilities and also delivered cost savings. Thank you Hidden.”
UK CEO, Mullenlowe Group
“Unconscious bias can be a huge setback in creating a truly diverse and inclusive workplace. We’ve made great strides in raising awareness of the issue and creating a forward-thinking environment, starting with recruitment. Through Hidden we recruit anonymously, removing identifying details from resumes, purposefully avoiding any conscious and unconscious biases of those we’re hiring. We hire purely based on the ability to do the job, giving us an incredible pool of diverse talent that continually push us, and our clients to do our best work.”
CEO, Wunderman
“Introducing Hidden to our talent team has been a great success. Our dedicated talent manager has quickly established herself as one of us. She has set a high bar in terms of the quality of candidates she identifies and subsequently filters before making recommendations to the hiring manager. Whilst it’s easy to justify the proposition on a cost benefit alone, we feel like we’re winning on quality and effectiveness too.”
Managing Director, MRM McCANN
“Talent is by far the most important factor in our business, and we needed to find a partner that could help us build a strong, strategic model to find and retain the right people for the long-term.”
Exec Director, VaynerMedia
“Hidden has been a key partner for supporting Vend’s growth in EMEA. Richard and his team are very communicative, supportive and able to find those ‘unicorn’ candidates everyone is looking for. Their product and business model is innovative and certainly amongst the top options in the market.”
Country Manager EMEA, vend

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"__________ is an equal opportunities employer."

Nice line. Lovely jubbly. But who actually makes it possible? We do.

We are changing the recruitment industry for the better.

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